SVG Takes his first win for Red Bull Racing

That winning feeling! SVG takes home first place overall at the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

Thursday 17th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 1 – Second (Fastest Lap: 1:58.9557)
Practice 2 – Second (Fastest Lap: 1:57.0973)
Qualifying – Fifth (Fastest Lap: 1:56.7117)

We were in and amongst it all day in the sessions. We qualified fifth, which isn’t great, but we are so close to the front. I feel great in the car, the car went really well, we just didn’t get it. Hopefully we can push forward tomorrow for an awesome day.
— Shane Van GIsbergen - Car #97

Friday 18th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Race 1 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:58.4288)
Race 2 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:57.7184)

Awesome day! The first race we really had to work for it, we had a good car and got through to the front with some great moves. The second race was awesome, we made some improvements to the car and changed a few things. The track was iffy at the start, but once it came up to temperature I floored it. The car was amazing, we pulled a gap, but more importantly to be one, two, three is awesome. It shows how good the car is and how well the team is doing.
— Shane Van Gisbergen - Car #97

Saturday 19th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Race 3 – Second

It wasn’t as good as the last race, we tried to change a few things and we went a little backwards, but still being one, two, three is great result. My car just wasn’t as good as it had been. I am getting more and more comfortable in it, it’s quick, but it didn’t align today. The weather was tricky, I was struggling with the car to get a balance. Jamie passed me, I just couldn’t run with him, I was sliding around a lot. But as I said, it’s still a great result seeing our second triple lockout.
— Shane Van Gisbergen - Car #97

Sunday 20th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Race 4  – First
Overall –  First

It was an awesome finish to the weekend. Great to have worked so closely with Grant (McPherson) to get the results we were after. It was a good change from yesterday. The first few laps I thought we were in a bit of trouble, it was an exciting few laps. But, I managed to pull ahead and fight the good fight. Our new set up gave us some really good speed, we had good grip in the tyres and drove away in the lead early on. Stoked to be a part of the team and have such a good weekend with great cars, I am looking forward to the next championship round.
— Shane Van Gisbergen - Car #97

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