New Electric car coming soon from Mercedes Benz!

Mercedes-Benz has showcased its plans for a completely new electric vehicle (EV) architecture that will underpin its upcoming range of pure EVs set to go on sale before the of this decade. The first of which is set to be unveiled at this year’s Paris motor show in late September with a driving range of at least 500km.



Best way to clean car windows without leaving streaks

There are several car window cleaning techniques that you can use to achieve the perfect clean and gleaming look – tinted windows or not.

Microfibre Towels can be used to clean even the most stubborn stains and produce great results. You should be wary of cheap microfibre products since most of them shed fibres easily. When cleaning car windows, dip one side of the towel in water and clean the glass. After you have finished cleaning, use the dry side and gently remove any signs of streaking. The majority of high-quality microfibre materials will eliminate any residual streaks. Again, this method is mainly for the outside of the glass. You must be much more gentle when cleaning the inside, especially if your car has tinted film.

Taking Care of Your Windshield Wipers. Your car windshield wipers should be maintained in good working order. It is impossible to drive in rain, dust, or snow without them being in good working condition. Optimum performance is achieved if the rubber and glass are well-maintained. This means that wiper blades should be cleaned whenever you are cleaning the window glass. Never use rubber dressing on the wiper blades as this will only result in streaking. Use a dampened cloth to wipe the blades clean and remove any dirt formation. 

Cleaning Tinted Car Windows. Care should be taken when cleaning tinted car windows since the film scratches easily. Learning how to clean car windows properly takes patience and practice. It is also not wise to use ammonia-based glass cleaning products on tinted windows. Use a soft damp cloth to clean tinted glass. In place of products which contain ammonia, soapy water will work fine. You can also purchase spray foam glass cleaners to clean the tint material without streaking. Otherwise, there are plenty of ammonia-free glass cleaners on the market.

Proper Wipe Down Tips. You can have quality products and still fail in washing windows without streaks forming. It is important for car owners to use the right technique when cleaning. If you are using a spray, do not spray directly on the glass as most of it will be will be lost to the surrounding air. Instead, you should spray the cleaner on a towel and then proceed to wipe the windows using the towel. This should be done in a rhythmic and spreading motion to ensure that the entire glass surface comes into contact with the cleaner. After clearing all the dirty grime, use a microfibre towel to wipe the glass surface and remove any remaining dirt residue and streaks. Remember that while the windshield receives added attention, all other windows should also be cleaned thoroughly. It is recommended to use a good quality soft cloth material instead of used rags which might be carrying dirt particles capable of scratching glass. A soft cloth will not leave any scratch marks on tint film material. During waxing, try to steer clear of the windows since any marks will result in a grimy appearance. However, some waxes actually work on glass – read the label for the recommendations for the product you are using.

Cleaning Water Spots. After working tirelessly to clean your car, it is common for minor water spot contamination to occur during the week. These dirty water spots can ruin the shiny look that you toiled to perfect. Most of these contaminants which you pick while driving can be quite hard to remove with normal glass cleaners. The best way to clean glass with such spots is by using quality glass polish products. All you have to do is use a foam applicator and then finish off by buffing with a microfibre towel. Removing water spots every now and then will prevent noticeable etch marks from forming.

Make sure that you always carry out a close inspection of windows if your car is more than one year old. Dirt buildup normally occurs around the trim of your rear window and windshield. This dirt can be removed by scrubbing with an old toothbrush or using a detailing brush. Apply window cleaner to the brush and scrub gently along the trim edges to break off the caked-on grime. If you encounter stubborn gunk spots, use a sharp edged instrument such as a razor blade. However, care should be taken not to scratch the glass or break the rubber seals.

There is nothing better than a clean windscreen to make driving easier and safer in all conditions.

How do I find my tyre size?

The size of a tyre is printed onto the side of the tyre – on the area known as the sidewall. When looking for the size, you will see that it is made up of a series of numbers and letters.

In the above example, each section breaks down as follows:

195 - Width of the tyre in millimetres
55 - Height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width. In this case 55%. Also known as the aspect ratio.
R16 - The diameter of the tyre's inner rim in inches
87 - Load Rating of the Tyre.
V - Speed Rating. Indicates the maximum speed for the tyre when at full load.

You can also use the handy number plate search tool at the Hyper Drive website. This checks the data held by LTSA to find out what tyre size is appropriate for your vehicle.

When using this tool, we recommend that you double check the size provided against what you currently have fitted to your vehicle as multiple sizes may be recommended dependent on the age and model of your vehicle.

SVG Takes his first win for Red Bull Racing

That winning feeling! SVG takes home first place overall at the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

Thursday 17th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 1 – Second (Fastest Lap: 1:58.9557)
Practice 2 – Second (Fastest Lap: 1:57.0973)
Qualifying – Fifth (Fastest Lap: 1:56.7117)

We were in and amongst it all day in the sessions. We qualified fifth, which isn’t great, but we are so close to the front. I feel great in the car, the car went really well, we just didn’t get it. Hopefully we can push forward tomorrow for an awesome day.
— Shane Van GIsbergen - Car #97

Friday 18th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Race 1 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:58.4288)
Race 2 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:57.7184)

Awesome day! The first race we really had to work for it, we had a good car and got through to the front with some great moves. The second race was awesome, we made some improvements to the car and changed a few things. The track was iffy at the start, but once it came up to temperature I floored it. The car was amazing, we pulled a gap, but more importantly to be one, two, three is awesome. It shows how good the car is and how well the team is doing.
— Shane Van Gisbergen - Car #97

Saturday 19th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Race 3 – Second

It wasn’t as good as the last race, we tried to change a few things and we went a little backwards, but still being one, two, three is great result. My car just wasn’t as good as it had been. I am getting more and more comfortable in it, it’s quick, but it didn’t align today. The weather was tricky, I was struggling with the car to get a balance. Jamie passed me, I just couldn’t run with him, I was sliding around a lot. But as I said, it’s still a great result seeing our second triple lockout.
— Shane Van Gisbergen - Car #97

Sunday 20th March

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Race 4  – First
Overall –  First

It was an awesome finish to the weekend. Great to have worked so closely with Grant (McPherson) to get the results we were after. It was a good change from yesterday. The first few laps I thought we were in a bit of trouble, it was an exciting few laps. But, I managed to pull ahead and fight the good fight. Our new set up gave us some really good speed, we had good grip in the tyres and drove away in the lead early on. Stoked to be a part of the team and have such a good weekend with great cars, I am looking forward to the next championship round.
— Shane Van Gisbergen - Car #97

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The Clipsal 500 Adelaide joined forces with Red Bull Racing Australia to give fans an electrifying preview to the V8 Supercars opener in Adelaide with a live Red pit stop demonstration in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall.

Kicking off the Clipsal 500 race weekend in style, Van Gisbergen surprised the lunch-time crowd in Adelaide’s CBD when he roared around the streets in his No. 97 VF Holden Commodore in a spectacular warm-up to this week’s Clipsal 500.

Two lucky fans were chosen from the crowd to join Van Gisbergen and teammate Jamie Whincup as they put their rattle gun skills to the test when they faced off in a head-to-head battle to see who could change a tyre the fastest.

Six-time V8 Supercars champion Whincup, who won the first race of the Clipsal 500 last year, admits he enjoys the festivities ahead of the first race of the season.

“It’s been a slower start to the year than usual, so I'm really pumped up and ready to go now,” said Whincup.

“It’s great to come out here and see all the locals, it’s going to be a massive weekend of racing.”

It wasn’t just the two challengers who were experiencing a Red Bull Racing Australia pit-stop for the first time, but newbie Shane Van Gisbergen was too.

“It’s the first time I have done something like this at this scale,” said Van Gisbergen.

“I am starting to understand that Red Bull Racing Australia don’t do things by halves, the bigger the better!”

With his new team behind him and a brand new chassis, Van Gisbergen is positive that Red Bull Racing Australia has the tools and the team to hit the ground running.

After a successful test day at Queensland Raceway earlier in the month, Van Gisbergen is confident in his delivery.

“I have been waiting for Clipsal to come around, I am excited to get in and kick off the season. The car has been driving well, at both the shakedown and the test day, and teaming up with Grant (McPherson, Race Engineer) is going really well,” he said.

“I’ve finished in the top five in the Drivers Championship the last three years in a row. I have been racing to beat Jamie now for many years, and now he’s my new team mate, it’s even closer to home.”

For Whincup, 2016 will see him hopefully bounce back to the top of the leader board from what was, by his standards, a weak season last year.

“We had a slow start at the beginning of last year, but we found our pace mid season, and after the test day, I feel confident that we’ve still got it” said Whincup.

“There is no doubting the Clipsal 500 is one of the toughest races of the season. The 250km race on Sunday is nearly like a mini endurance race, they put us to work straight away.”

The V8 Supercars hit the track on Friday for two practice sessions and two qualifying sessions ahead of Saturday’s two 125km races, finishing with a taxing 250km race on Sunday.

Yokohama AD08R

Yokohama tires are designed to perform better, keep you safer, and take you further. The ADVAN Neova AD08R features world-class technology to provide more grip for unprecedented performance. Rapid reflex twin ribs provide stability during high-speed driving. Steel sidewall inserts resist lateral deflection and provide excellent control and enhanced cornering.

J-Tunes Civic FD2 Getting Fitted with a set of AD08R's

J-Tunes Civic FD2 Getting Fitted with a set of AD08R's

Ultimate Grip

MS Compound 2R provides excellent wet and dry grip - accelerating faster and stopping sooner.

Superior Handling

Delivers quick steering response and precise feedback during high-speed cornering.

Wet Traction

Hydroarc Channels cut through water for superior wet grip.

Koya SF04

Koya SF04 Racing Wheel Semi Forged Lightweight Luxury Wheel

Koya Wheels have made their presence in the New Zealand Market with their drift wheels, mainly the Driftek, which has been a common wheel for all Nissan Silvia's and many others. Now their range expands to AE TEK, RG TEK and CR TEK, to fit most common Japanese vehicle fitments for both on and off track purposes.

Here's a good example of the Koya SF04 Luxury Wheels on a Nissan Fairlady in a custom Candy Red Colour.

Here is another option in a Flat Black on a Holden HSV.

Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 on a set of ADV.1 - ADV05

Shane Van Gisbergen Claims Bathurst Lap Record

So here it is! On-Board from the 2.01.286 record lap during qualifying for the Bathurst 12 Hour in the McLaren GT 650s GT3. Such an awesome car, I was pretty pumped as you can tell to see this lap come up on the dash!
— Shane Van GIsbergen

 During qualifying for the 2016 Bathurst 12 Hour race, Shane Van Gisbergen (NZL) broke the Mount Panorama Circuit lap record. Driving the Tekno Autosports McLaren 650S GT3, Van Gisbergen completed a lap of the 6.213 km (3.861 mi) track in 2m 01.286s.


This is J-Tunes shop Demo FD2 TypeR
It will be a road car for a while, keeping it street for Time Attack Events
Big Plans on the way !!
This will give J-Tunes S2000 a good run round the track

Have a look through the gallery of the FD2 getting a new set of Yokohama AD08R Extreme Performance Tyres.


Year: 2015
Model: C63 AMG
Wheels: Niche Misano

Originally came in for a set of Niche Misano Anthracite, but later returned for a set of Niche Misano's in a Matte Black colour.