How do I pay for my tyres?
You pay for your tyre order online through the secure payment section.

We accept all major credit cards including:

  • Amex
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Q-Card    

If you prefer you can also pay for your order by bank deposit. This process just takes a little longer as the payment must be shown up in our account before we can send the goods to the Authorised Installer.

We want to be able to supply as many options as possible for our customers so we also have deferred finance options with Q-Card

Are my credit card details safe and secure?
Yes they most definitely are! Hyper Drive ensures that there is no risk at all with your personal and payment details. We take the security of our customers data extremely seriously. We have systems and processes to ensure we are fully up to date with the latest best practises.

How long does a refund take?
Once we have confirmed a refund is required, we will process it immediately. However, please be aware that it may take 3-5 working days for the balance to appear back in your account. This is a bank process and is out of our control.

What does the price include?
When you have purchased your tyres on your website the price includes the following:

  • Price of the tyre (including GST)
  • Tyre fitting
  • Tyre balancing

If you would like to have your tyres swapped at the fitting appointment (eg front to rear) this will be subject to further charges depending on the garage.

The price does not include a wheel alignment which may be required when new tyres are fitted. This is important to understand as we have customers who often get confused with wheel balance and wheel alignment.

A wheel balance ensures that tyres and wheels rotate with no vibration. If you choose not to have them balanced then your car will start to vibrate through the wheel or seat at certain speeds.

An alignment ensures the angles of your vehicle’s wheels are perpendicular to the ground and each other. If you choose not to have your wheels aligned your tyres will wear unevenly and your car will pull to one side rather than straight.

A wheel alignment is an additional service and this will be paid directly to the Authorised Installer at the time of your fitment.

Valve replacement and disposal of your old tyres are also not included in the price.